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Track Workouts

A champion constantly learns and improves.  Champions are willing to risk a little in the short run to gain an advantage in the long run! (Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs)

Time/Day:  5:45 p.m. Wednesday evenings from April through October; 2014.

Location: Bell Middle School Track, Golden

Distance: 5-6 miles

FRCC Track Practices

It’s very clear that coming to the track will improve your race times.  But, even if you’re sure you will never participate in a race, you can benefit from these 5-6 mile workouts. The runs are  “user friendly”. Participants are grouped by ability so you can run a 70-second quarter or a 2:15-quarter and not feel as if you are holding someone back or trying to keep up.  These workouts are designed for EVERYONE.

As you approach track season there are a few tips from Coach Joan to follow:

  1. Pick the proper pace for the hard interval of the workout.  This pace should be 4-12 sec faster than your current 5K pace.  If you aren’t racing, pick a pace that feels “hard” in the beginning and “very hard” toward the end.  If you find yourself “blasting” the last quarter mile each week, you should consider choosing a little quicker pace for all the hard intervals.  The last trip around the track should feel as if you’ve spent most of your energy and are “hanging on” until the end.  If you find your pace slows as you move through the intervals, you’re working too hard– run each interval slower so you can maFoothills runningintain the pace during the entire workout.
  2. Make sure the rest-interval is active (you continue to move). In the beginning , active rest intervals should be about twice as long as the work interval – as the season progresses the distance of the rest interval will shorten so time spent resting will be equal to or even shorter than the time spent working. To make sure you get the correct amount of rest,  you must choose the right group to run in.  If you run way ahead of everyone you will get too much rest waiting for the last person to finish – there is more benefit to moving up and running in the back of a faster group.  The time guidelines for each group should be followed to make sure everyone benefits and enjoys the evenings.  Wednesday nights are not races – they’re training.
  3. Volunteer! FRCC workouts are free (other than the cost of your FRCC membership, which is super reasonable).  This is unusual – in many areas this kind of program has a fee attached to it.  The only “ticket to the show” is your time as a volunteer.  Sometimes a second timer might be needed for a workout. If you run an important race, choose the Wed after that event to help out, giving yourself a chance to recover from your race effort.  If you’ve been attending workouts for a couple of years and have never timed, be sure to volunteer … track is a shared effort by everyone.  As in the past, relatives and children are always welcome helpers.

Email Joan at for more information and directions to the track.

Why join FRCC? “When my husband and I relocated to the Morrison/Golden area in 2010, we were looking for a club to combine our passion for running with our desire to meet friends in the area. We’ve been thrilled to find FRCC and not only build friendships, but also improve our running along the way. Whether it’s 0 or 95 degrees, we know that someone from FRCC will be willing to pound the pavement or sprint around a track with us. Plus, who would pass up Saturday morning socializing or betting on college football games … the club really does have it all .” — Julie Malmberg Grawe