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Saturday Morning Runs

Winners have the ability to look inside themselves and find that special dream.  (Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs)

Time/Day: 8 a.m. Saturdays

Location: Meet at the Clear Creek History Park, 11th and Arapahoe, Golden

Distance: Out-and-back 4 miles

Designed for runners/walkers of all abilities, this run is especially nice for newbies. The run starts on a bike path and then meanders onto a dirt trail so it is hard to get lost; those not familiar with Golden don’t have to worry about “keeping up”. This 4-mile run or run/walk is the perfect way to get started, come back from an injury or simply keep fit.  Enjoy camaraderie and conversation as you meet your goals.

The run ends with breakfast at a local coffee shop … some say, it’s the best part!

Email Joan at for more information.

We plan to run even if a little rain or a few snowflakes fall!

Why join FRCC? “When we moved here this past summer, my first instinct was to find a running group. It didn’t take me long to come across the FRCC. I went to the track a few times and then started participating in some long runs with the group. I stayed because I felt welcome and found quality friendships. I will continue to grow as a person through my running, and I look forward to learning more about my new friends and reaching out to others who are looking for the same thing. I enjoy laughing with the group, participating in some friendly competition, freezing my fingers and toes off during a cold winter run and guzzling down many cups of hot coffee. And most of all, I really LOVE this group, because they LOVE to eat! I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat.” — Heidi Aponte