Running and Cycling in Colorado’s Foothills

More than Just Another Club

By Rachael Kenney

You may have seen them running along Clear Creek, trudging up North Table Mountain in the dark, cycling Lookout Mountain, or enjoying a boisterous cup of coffee at Café 13. The group is Foothills Running and Cycling Club, founded in March 2010.Foothills Running and Cycling Club

On Saturday morning at 8, the Clear Creek History Park parking lot fills up for a four mile run. There are grandmothers and graduate students, ultra runners and people who walk the entire four mile route along the creek. On Sunday mornings at 9a the scenario repeats itself with cyclists. The cycling route varies from week to week but is usually 30 miles or 3 hours. Common destinations include Morison and 72nd, and while many of the cyclists ride competitively, they take great care to ensure that no riders are dropped from the group.

“We’ve been thrilled to find FRCC and not only build friendships, but also improve our running along the way” smiles Julie Malmberg Grawe of Morrison. “The people I have met and had the honor of running with have enriched my running experience tremendously” recalls Bob Weber of Golden. But, almost as important as the friendships is the food. Heidi Aponte of Golden puts it best:  “I went to the track a few times and participated in some long runs. I stayed because I felt welcome and found quality friendships. And most of all, I really LOVE this group because they LOVE to eat! I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat.” To find out more visit

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